Barbara Kapusta - studio(at)barbarakapusta(dot)net



Video works

Solar, 2022

Drr ripping, 2022

The Leaking Bodies, 2020

Dangerous Bodies, 2019

Empathic Creatures, 2018

O’s Vocalization, 2016

Soft Rope, 2015



Dangerous Bodies, 2019, published by Gianni Manhattan, Vienna & Motto Books, Lausanne, Berlin

The 8 and the Fist, 2017, published by Gianni Manhattan Vienna



Futures, T-Shirt, Edition of 50 for Solidarity Art Shirts, all proceeds go to unicef

She makes her body glitch, green acrylic glass, black vinyl, 40 cm x 60 cm


Selected talks and readings

Futures at Kunsthalle Bratislava, Jen Kratochvil

Futures, contributions by Barbara Kapusta, Jen Kratochvil, Sophie Lewis, Legacy Russell, ed. by Denisa Tomková, publication accompanying the exhibition Futures at Kunsthalle Bratislava, May 2022

Wien1100x938-x945, or: How the present loses its future to the past, Barbara Kapusta and Steph Holl Trieu, 2021

The Leaking Bodies, performed at HALLE FÜR KUNST Steiermark, Graz, May 2021

Reading together, An incomplete reading list on alternative ways of being with and wet comradeliness, with Olivia Aherne, brand-new-life, 2021

The Leaking Bodies, Screening and conversation between Barbara Kapusta and Steph Holl Trieu, 2021

Feminism Against Family, screening and talk by Sophie Lewis, cohosted with Rose-Anne Gush, mumok cinema - museum moderner kunst stiftung ludwig wien, Vienna, 2020

Dangerous Bodies, reading at Kunsthalle Wien, 2019

Reading THE 8 AND THE FIST together, with Cathrin Mayer, brand-new-life, 2018


Selected exhibitions


WORDS DON’T GO THERE, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Braunschweig


Solar, Frieze London

Linguages Liminares, Appleton, Lisbon

Futures, DIDF, Düsseldorf

The Palace of Concrete Poetry, Writers’ House of Georgia, Tbilisi, September 2022

LET YOUR ( ) DO THE TALKING, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, September 2022

Speculative Fiction, Exhibit Galerie, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Futures, Kunsthalle Bratislava 

Lo(l) – Embodied Language, Kunsthaus Hamburg


In Between Folds, Sentiment, Zürich

dissolving matter & value, Lothringer 13 Halle, Munich, opening October 7 2021

Avantgarde and the Contemporary, Belvedere 21, 15 September 2021 - 19 February 2023

The sun is a ghost that haunts the night, Chapter 1: Dilithium, Futura, Prague

Haus Wien, Vienna

Sh e makes he r body glitch, permanent installation, IST Institute of Science and Technology Austria Campus

Drawings, Gianni Manhattan, Vienna

Getting wet, Kunsthalle Wien / Vienna Biennale for Change 2021

Enjoy, museum moderner kunst stiftung ludwig wien, Vienna

Europa Antike Zukunft, Halle für Kunst Steiermark, Graz

Konkrete Poesie, Kunsthaus Muerz

Union, JesuitenFoyer, Vienna


The Leaking Bodies Series, Gianni Manhattan, Vienna

New views on same olds, xE, Vienna

Haus Wien, Vienna

Hypersurface, ACF London

Now. Collected #9/#10!, Kunstforum Vienna

First Person Plural, Kunsthalle Osnabrueck


Dangerous Bodies, Kunstraum London, London

Prologue I : Tongue On Tongue, Nos Salives Dans Ton Oreille, Cité internationale des arts/ KADIST/ Galerie Allen, Paris

Hysterical Mining, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna

As Many Holes and Folds as Can Be, Monday Gelato, Karlsruhe, performance series curated by Benedikt Seerieder

Fauxthenticity, ACF Prague, curated by Significant Other, Prague

Mundane, Eugster Gallery, Belgrade, curated by Natalija Paunić, Belgrade

On the New, Belvedere 21, Vienna


The Giant, Gianni Manhattan, Vienna

The Blazing World, mumok cinema - museum moderner kunst stiftung ludwig wien, Vienna

Jane Fonda, Pina, Vienna

We Make the Place by Playing, VIS, Hamburg

Vice Versa: Our Earth is Their Moon, Our Moon is their Earth, M3 festival of art in public space, Prague, curated by Significant Other

SM, Sans Titre, Marseilles

Empathic Creatures, Ashley Berlin, Berlin

Instructions for Happiness, Belvedere 21, Vienna


In Middens, Gianni Manhattan, Vienna

The 8 and the Fist, Pogo Bar, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

how far to open up, curated by Cathrin Mayer and Florentine Muhry, Forum Stadtpark, Graz

Instructions for Happiness, KUP, Athens


The Grasping, Belvedere 21, Vienna

The Language of Things, Belvedere 21, Vienna

Instructions for Happiness, KUP, Athens

The Promise of Total Automation, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna


Dinge und Dialoge, Scriptings Berlin

Language Bent, performed at ICA Studio, London

The o and the Zero, Eikon, Vienna

Literatur/Lesen, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna

Destination Wien, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna

A Poem for 22 Small Objects, performed at Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna

Poetry, mumok cinema - museum moderner kunst stiftung ludwig wien, Vienna


Performative Screenings #29: The Material Ghost, School, Vienna

Selbstauslöser, Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Barbara Kapusta & Franz West, Galerija Vartai, Vilnius, Litauen

The Collection 4, Belvedere 21, Vienna


To Become Whole (The Whole Issue), The Banff Center, Banff, CA

Sie Wir Ihnen / They She We Them, Belvedere 21, Vienna

Photos, Points of view in Austrian Photography, Belvedere 21, Vienna


Selection of reviews and interviews

SZ, 18.11.2021, Ob es das wert ist?, Evelyn Vogel on "dissolving matter & value" at Lothringer13, Munich

Springerin, 03/2021, Can you imagine solidarity?, Christa Benzer on Barbara Kapusta works 

Frieze, January 2021, When Water Becomes a Commodity: Barbara Kapusta’s Digital Desert, review of The Leaking Bodies Series by Francesca Gavin

der Standard, 11.01.2021, Katharina Rustler: Fluide Körper gegen die Norm

Falter,10.02.2021, Nicole Scheyerer: Wenn die Leitungen lecken

Die Presse, 08.12.2020, Almuth Spiegler, Barbara Kapusta: Bei ihr beginnt alles gefährlich zu fließen

Die Presse, 24.11.2020, Michael Huber, Körperkontakt im Datenraum

A bedtime interview about monsters, giants and dangerous bodies with Natalija Paunić, NEWS issue 0, 2020

Contemporary Art Society, October 2019, Vassilios Doupas on Dangerous Bodies at Kunstraum London

PW-magazine, 2019, Wir sind alle Technobodies, interview by Paula Thomaka

Kunsthalle Wien, Blog, Vanessa Joan Müller on The Giant, 2019

Flash Art, Nov 2018, Rose-Anne Gush on The Giant at Gianni Manhattan

KubaParis, 2018, You must come closer, and you must try harder!

Vice Versa, Prague 2018, Barbara Kapusta on We make the place by playing

TAZ, 18.1. 2018, Empathische Zeichen, Noemi Molitor on Empathic Creatures at Ashley Berlin

Berlin Art Link, 2018, Jess Harrison on Empathic Creatures at Ashley Berlin

Spike, March 2017, Kimberly Bradely on In Middens at Gianni Manhattan Vienna

Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, 2016, Barbara Kapusta on The Bracket and the O in The Promise of Total Automation

Eikon, 05/2015, Barbara Rüdiger, Von Dingen die uns durchdringen

Frieze, November 2013, Amy Croft on They She We Them at Belvedere 21 Vienna

The Banff Centre Blog, Steph Katowitz on Barbara Kapusta, October 2013